ID Card Product's

PVC ID Cards

Identification and security is an important issue in any organization or company.

School ID Cards

Schools utilize secure ID cards to foster a safe learning environment.

Banker ID Cards

You can finally apply for their smart ID cards.

Hotels ID Cards

Hotel VIP cards with High frequency ID plastic cards.

Business Cards

A punch of color on your custom business card adds flair and meaning.

ID Cards

They can be personalized to the individual member in a wide variety of ways.

Security Cards

The ultimate solution is accomplished with the presentation of a highly visible.

Staff ID Cards

More and more people are joining organizations educational institutes.

Loyalty Cards

The ultimate expression of their membership is accomplished presentation.

Smart Card

Smart cards, proximity cards are available for many different applications.

Privilege Cards

They can be personalized to the individual member in a wide variety of way.

RFID Cards

RFID such as access control, e-purse, transit ticketing, and copier cost control.

Discount's Cards

A discount card is a card or document, often a plastic card.

Access Control Cards

When a credential is presented to a reader and its sends the credential’s information.

Digital ID Cards

Here at Digital ID we have been specialising in ID Cards.

Membership Cards

ID cards have become the default technology for tracking memberships.

Company ID Cards

Employee card help you control access and provide enhanced security.

Barcode ID Cards

Record employee, student and attendee information by scanning a barcode,

College ID Cards

Identification cards are now far more than a basic photo ID.

University ID Cards

Depending on your business needs, there are solutions to support low volume.

Cards Lanyard

we have a huge variety of styles, colors and sizes to fit your needs.

Cards Ribbon

- Cards and ribbons come in a variety of colors and options .

Card Holder

Our badge holders are perfect for anywhere ID cards are regularly used.